A New Beginning

Hi friends, clients, family members and blog visitors! This new blog series springs forth from a profound desire to foster deeper connections with my clients. Relationships thrive on connection, which serves as the bedrock of trust. So often, my clients only see the professional side of me. It's important to realize that my life does not just consist of carrying around a camera and shooting weddings! Remember back in 1st grade when you thought your teacher lived at school and that there was no way they had a life outside of the classroom? Haha! I don't want any of you to imagine that about me!

My intention is to provide quarterly blog updates / photo journals that delve into the personal aspects of my life: the highs, the lows, the extraordinary, and yes, even the mundane - all in the hopes of forging deeper connections with each and every one of you. The best part, is that I will have an organize time capsule of sorts for "future me" to look back at and reminisce.

Without further ado, let us embark on this journey together!

New Discoveries in Quarter one

Steamers!! What in the world! Why has nobody introduced this delightful drink to me before? I ordered a vanilla steamer off the kid's menu at East View Coffee in Kenosha and I do declare, steamers are my new favorite hot drink! I later ordered a caramel steamer from Blüm Coffee. I loved it so much that I got some Salted Caramel Torani Syrup and I'm trying to perfect my steamers at home!

Seph Schlueter! Thank you to K-Love radio for introducing me to this new artist! As soon as I heard his song, Counting my Blessings, I had to find out immediately who it was. If you're into contemporary Christian music, check him out! His voice is smooth and his lyrics are powerful! Plus he's been a missionary for the last 5+ years. He seems like a super cool guy!

Skip-Bo! Apparently this game came out in 1967 - however, I wasn't introduced to it until 2024. I played it at a photographer's retreat in Door County and then again with my sister-in-law! Highly recommend this fun game! It involves both strategy and chance. :)

IKEA meal hack ... okay, hear me out. I love going to IKEA just for a meal of meatballs. However, I realized during one of my last visits that instead of ordering the meatball meal, order just the sides. Two sides of meatballs and a side of mashed potatoes is less expensive than the whole meal - plus you don't get the nasty overcooked peas on your plate. (I enjoy peas - just not these ones haha)

January 2024

Rang in the New Year hanging out in our neighbor's hot tub! This should become a tradition!

Started dabbling in sourdough in December. This was the first loaf I made - this was with sourdough discard and yeast. I promise it tasted better than it looks!

Jake just loving me and always wanting to be close to me!

Surprised my mom with a flourless chocolate cake for her birthday. It's a simple cake that's so rich and decadent.

Attending a special event at Daybreak Church in Kenosha.

View from the live audience couch during my husband's racing podcast (The Bench Racing Podcast) - in the studio in our basement.

My boys, Jake & Jefferson.

Meeting with my friend and fellow photographer, Lindsay, for coffee.

February 2024

Celebrated my BIL's 30th with you guessed it - more flourless chocolate cake! It's just so good. My nephew also tried ice cream for the first time and it was so cute!

Celebrated my husband's birthday really early with an Admiral's Game and an overnight at Manderley Bed & Breakfast in Milwaukee.

Hosted a dip party!! This was fun! Here are only 3 of the (I think) 8 different dips we had!

Volunteered with a bed build with Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Do you have any idea how many kids in our cities don't have beds? This organization is making HUGE differences.

Cut bangs with school scissors. What did I do? Haha

Bought Derek Valentine's Day flowers. I'd heard a convo on the radio asking why the majority of men don't get flowers until they're dead and that made me so sad!

Found out my dad got diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer AND Stage 4 Liver Cancer. It's safe to say, my heart felt like it shattered into 10 thousand pieces. I've never felt such sadness consume me.

My brother, the family dog, and I went to visit my sister down in Champaign IL. It felt unfair that she was all alone dealing with the news of our dad so we took a trip down and spent a Saturday together.

March 2024

We had to say goodbye to Charlie. She had been suffering for a while and it was time. She was born in 2008 in my parent's livingroom. I've loved her, her entire life.

We always bury our pets in our yard and give them the funeral that they deserve. Miss you and love you Charlie!

First time enjoying Walking Tacos! Where have we been our whole lives?

Donated Blood!

My sister got Engaged!! So excited for them! Congrats, Abby & Andy!

Handed out treats in the Racine St. Patrick's Day Parade with Crane Racing!

Celebrating Lilly's quinceañera!

Easter Sunday at Daybreak Church. Thankful for the hope we have in Jesus today and every day.